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The phenomenal growth in our economy contributed by the growth in various segments of our industry such as entertainment and industrial electronics, Refrigerator and Air Conditioning, Automobile, electrical, Telecommunicationo and Hardware etc. has created i great demand for trained manpower. Govt. Institute could
not meet the growing demand. We are very proud that our institute and Society bridge the gap of a great extend by successfully training SSC/Intermediate Students.
During the last decade india whole heartedly accepted the phenomenon called GLOBALIZATION and opened our economy. Hundreds of multi-national companies including private Air-line operators grabbed the opportunity. the demand for trained manpower in such fields as personal secretary.
The main difference between ourtraining and government ITI is our curriculum and training methodology, which is practicaly intensive to meet the demand of various industries. it is not an exaggeration to state that by the time a candidate conquetes training at our institute, he/she will be fully prepared to enter into the profession.
For this reason there is always a great demand for candidates trained at our centers. We also provide placement assistance and guidance for setting up of own workshop on completion of courses for our students.

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