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Green Star Public

G.S.P.S is not just a school, but a training ground for life. The child learns the foremost values of love, trust and truth etc. from parents and later realizes the values of courage, ambition and discrimination from the larger society, at school.

In this process, the opposites - like light and darkness, can never coexist. Where there is security - there is no challenge; where there is comfort - there is no perseverance; where there is freedom - there is no discipline. Where a loving parent enforces discipline, the child is confused or may even rebel. That is why 'social learning' or education was always away from home, amidst peer groups - at Gurukuls or Madarsas or public schools.

Nature itself illustrates this need through birds and animals, which push their young ones out of their nest or cave to fend for themselves. Behavioral scientists advocate this method for individuals to achieve complete emotional balance, self-reliance, self-confidence, and an integrated personality.

G.S.P.S has been established on this foundation to prepare the child for life. But, Rome was not built in a day and we are still growing ... without any external aid or donations! We are just growing, with our commitment towards perfection; for we believe - that which is true, good and beautiful, shall always be accepted