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Health And Care


* To establish and run medical, Unani Medical and Dental College for Medical and Dental education and to promote Medical, Unani medical and Dental education.
* To run charitable hospitals/ Dispensaries / Mobile Health Care Units Dispensaries and Nursing Homes for weaker sections in slum, rural and tribal area.
* To organize blood donation camps, health diagnosis camps, eye camp, HIV-AIDS awareness camps, drug-abused camp.
* To establish and run blood banks, treatment-Management guidance centers heomophilic, thalasmia, Bone-Narrow failure, sickle Cells disease, HIV,AIDS drug dedication centers.
* To conduct meditation Yoga classes through meditation centers with a view to help elevating human life morally and spiritually, to help them adhere to the basic human values viz. Liberty equality and fraternity and also to arrange meditation camps.
* Establish And run physical education institues and centers including Gym, health clubs and thereby apart various training of National and international sports to youth and to organize various competitions in the field.

International Women's Day 2009